Hong Kong – In today’s world, individuality trumps all. From hairstyle to wardrobe, every woman wants to build an image that is uniquely her own. But did you know that your smell also helps in building your image? According to a study by the Monell Chemical Sense Center in the United States, smell can play a part in forming first impressions. There are many perfumes on the market, but the demand for personalized signature perfume is on the rise. Forming a signature perfume is more than just throwing several ingredients together. That’s where Intime Artisan de Parfum (Intime) comes in. The team behind Intime believes that there’s no better way to express one’s personal identity than a one-of-a-kind perfume that reflects the taste of its user. No fancy packaging, no exaggerated statements; Intimeprides itself on quality, creativity and individuality.


Bringing Art of French Perfume Creation to Hong Kong

Having learned about the art of perfume making in Grasse, France, the world’s perfume capital, Intime founder Angel Cheung has a unique understanding of creating the ideal perfume. Angel believes that the customer provides the best inspiration for scents and that every woman deserves to have a bottle of perfume to call her own. Angel regularly holds the Discover Your Signature Perfume Workshops at Intime Artisan de Parfum Studio in Tsim Sha Tsui studio, where the best of Grasse’s professional perfume-making technique and perfume culture have been brought to Hong Kong. Perfume enthusiast in Hong Kong can now experience the satisfaction and joy of creating their very own perfume.

Unlike existing DIY perfume making courses on the market today, Intime follows the “TICK” Principle in creating signature perfumes:

Technique: Equipping the students with professional technique of the careful selection of the most suitable ingredients, control the dosage and combine just the right blend for the perfect perfume.

Ingredients: The 170 available ingredients are all sourced from reputable suppliers that adhere to the highest international standards.

Creativity: Discovering the aroma that defines you and inspires your creative side.

Knowledge: Passing to students the foundation they need to create their own signature perfume.

In addition to understanding the essence of perfumes and the uniqueness of each scent, creating high quality signature perfume also requires the guidance of a professional. Intime founder Angel is an UK IFA-certified aromatherapist who has deep knowledge of essential oils extracted by plants. Making perfumes is all about mixing natural ingredients and synthetic fragrances, and Intime is the perfect place for Angel to combine her professional knowledge of aromas and her passion for the art of perfumes. In her workshops, Angel inspires and coaches her students to develop the perfect perfume that reflects an individual’s personality and taste. These workshops elevate the art of perfume making into a whole new level of artistry.

One-on-one courses for one-of-a-kind commemorative perfumes

The Proust Effect tells us the sense of smell is best at evoking memories. Having a signature perfume is the best way to bring back memories of life’s greatest moments. In addition to group workshops, Angelalso organizes one-on-one workshop for perfume creation. By gaining in-depth understanding of each creator’s story and background, Angel will help the creator to compose a one-of-a-kind perfume by selecting from the perfume organ’s over 170 ingredients for life’s most important occasions, from graduation to wedding anniversaries.

Perfume workshop help couples enhance relationship

Creating a signature perfume is not reserved purely for women. Intime’s induction perfume creation courses welcome both male and female students, also offering a fun and interesting activity for couples. The process of creating a perfume can help couples to learn more about each other’s tastes and personalities, further enhancing intimacy and mutual understanding.

While other people pursue the same hip brands everywhere, creating a signature perfume is the perfect way to express individuality. Anyone interested in creating a signature perfume of his or her own should definitely not miss this opportunity!

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